We are a dedicated group of people who strive to make technology work for you. We understand the challenges of delivering the best and most cost effective solution for your organisation, making use of the latest technology where appropriate.  

We listen to what you want to achieve, from the simple everyday response such as “can you make this work?” to the more obvious “can you save me money?”.  

We believe that data only reaches its true potential if it provides one point of truth and build our systems around this principle.

F1 Group will always lead with the business benefit and not the technology, technology is the enabler. It is imperative that in an ever competitive market, coupled with increasing costs, you revisit your systems to enable continuing cost savings and business benefits for tomorrow, we will show you how.   

Mission Statement   

To use information technology, in co-operation with clients, to develop and implement affordable, easy to use, integrated, sustainable and practical systems that comply to regulatory and internal and external audit requirements in order for our clients to enjoy an unfair advantage in its target market to the financial benefit of both our client and F1 Group.

Company Structure 

Too much of a good thing is wonderful